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Introducing the Rheem Heavy Duty Electric Water Heater – 50L, the ideal solution for high-demand commercial hot water usage. With a rapid hourly recovery rate of up to 250 litres of hot water at 50°C rise, this 3-element heater provides a consistent and reliable supply of hot water. 

The cylinder is expertly constructed from a special grade of steel, and boasts a specially developed vitreous enamel coating and a larger, thicker anode for added protection against corrosion. 

Don’t let your business be slowed down by inadequate hot water supply – upgrade to the Rheem Heavy Duty Electric Water Heater and experience the power of reliable hot water on demand.

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Introducing the Thermann Commercial Electric Storage Hot Water System – the perfect solution for commercial applications with limited space. This compact and fast-recovering system combines three powerful 3.6kW elements, allowing for mains pressure delivery, fast recovery, and energy efficiency all at once. It’s an ideal alternative for areas where reticulated gas is not available or internal fluing is not practical. With large capacity, the Thermann Commercial electric storage hot water system range is perfect for smaller commercial setups that require a reliable and consistent supply of hot water. Upgrade to the Thermann Commercial  today and experience the power of reliable hot water on demand.

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50L Triple Element 
32L Continuous
50L Continuous
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When you call us, our team of experts will take the time to understand your unique hot water needs and preferences. We will ask you questions about your budget, the size of your household, and your hot water usage patterns to get a better idea of what type of system would work best for you. Based on our assessment, we will happily make a recommendation for you.

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